• Sea Turtle
    Oversight Protection

    Rescuing Sea Turtle Hatchlings
    from Light Pollution In Broward County FL

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    June through September
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  • Turtle Safe = People Safe

    Light the Ground... NOT the Sky...
    People See Better with Shielded Lighting!

  • Light pollution Affects Us All

    It is Linked to Cancer & Insomnia in Humans
    It Alters Bird Migrations & Other Wildlife

  • Proper Lighting Is Tasteful and Safe

    Red & Amber Lights Save Sea Turtles
    Avoid Blue, White and Green

  • The Power of One

    By Working Together As One
    We Can Change Our Future

What is STOP?

Incorrect coastal lighting causes sea turtle hatchings to go towards the City instead of to the sea! 
STOP is a non-profit sea turtle conservation organization made up of local volunteers who conduct nighttime nest surveys and monitoring to rescue and release disoriented sea turtle hatchlings in Broward County, Florida. 

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How STOP Started

Like so many things in life, it just began, without looking for it or even knowing about it.

On an early July morning in 2007, Siouxzen WhiteCloud made her way through the humid darkness to a Deerfield Beach to teach yoga.  As she crossed A1A a sight awaited her.  It was not a new sight, it had happened a thousand times before, but this time the right person was looking...

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Who is STOP?

Our volunteers are everyday, extraordinary people who have made the choice to make a difference for this endangered species. For five to eight months out of the year, we re-arrange our lives to save the lives of disoriented baby sea turtle hatchlings.

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How you can help

There are many ways you can help us keep feet on the sand, buckets in hand, and flippers in the sea.



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to help us all year long



It's fast, it's easy
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Turtle Treks

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