Copyright and Legal Notice

Founded in 2007, STOP is a non-profit, sea turtle conservation organization of volunteers with no paid staff. STOP rescues hatchlings, documents hatchling disorientation, and records and publishes hatch data for research and educational purposes in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

STOP works within the law and explicitly for the law under a special marine turtle permit issued by FWC to recover disoriented hatchlings, collect hatch data and documentation which is then provided to the appropriate authorities, research institutions and the general public. 

While STOP advocates that citizens communicate with their city officials, STOP does NOT support, endorse or tolerate any harassment, inappropriate or unbecoming behavior of any kind within its volunteer organization or on its behalf.

With respect to each individuals rights of freedom of speech, STOP encourages these guidelines and common courtesy:

  • Please do not contact homeowners and businesses directly or encourage others to do so. Leave code enforcement issues to the proper authorities. It is your right to report code violations, but not to enforce compliance. 
  • Many homeowners and businesses are in fact victims of misinformation, poor code education, lack of code enforcement and years of misdirection from their municipalities and code departments. In other words... Don't bark up the wrong tree.
  • STOP advocates enforcement of the law. Please show the same respect to the rights of others and the laws that you demand be enforced.
  • It is your right to contact public officials to voice your opinion. Please to do so with respect and with factually accurate information. Please represent yourself and the turtles well. Please do not speak on behalf of STOP, but rather as a citizen.
  • Please do not use STOP materials, logos or data inappropriately. Read the copyright and Terms of Use Agreement below.

Copyright and Legal Notice

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