Who is STOP?

Our volunteers are everyday, extraordinary people who have made the choice to make a difference for this endangered species. For five to eight months out of the year, we re-arrange our lives to save the lives of disoriented baby sea turtle hatchlings.

"Sea Turtle People" have to be a little crazy to get through the night. The dedication of our volunteer staff is second to none. 

Only 1 in 1,000 sea turtle hatchlings will survive to adulthood. Throughout their life cycle they will encounter many perils from bad coastal lighting, ocean pollution, strikes from boats and jets skis, entrapment or entanglement in commercial and sport fishing gear, long lines and shrimp trawls.

Knowing the vast odds against them our volunteers dedicate their summer nights to ensure that the hatchling at least make it to the sea. Not knowing the perils they face, these tiny hatchlings swim energetically without fear into the huge Atlantic Ocean in search of the Gulfstream and the chance to beat the odds.