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Everything featured here is the most environmental and sustainable products we could find from around the world with the mission of supporting our work and the health of our planet.

If you believe in making a difference for the planet by changing the way you live and the power of making better choices, we hope you find items in our S.T.O.P. Shop a worthy investment.
Every purchase not only supports our organization and our rescue operations, but also helps support many small businesses, grow awareness for sustainable products and help educate people about alternatives to consumer products that are free from petroleum based plastics, toxic chemicals, and unsustainable practices which are damaging our environment!




Gliclee print. Hand Embellished (using Acrylic paint)by Christine Cooper-Lai.

#1 of 2 Limited Edition with Certificate of Authenticity.



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Existence (Oil on Canvas)

Oil on canvas painting by Lisa R. Porfido-Ramos

Size: 30 1/2'" x 24 1/2"


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Resist Extinction Hat

The 2019 Resist Extiinction Hat in black


Resist Extinction T-Shirt - Sage

The 2017 Resist Extiniction T-Shirt in Sage


Resist Extinction T-Shirt - True Black

The 2017 Resist Extiniction T-Shirt in True Black


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