Existence (Oil on Canvas) Oil on canvas painting by Lisa R. Porfido-Ramos Size: 30 1/2'" x 24 1/2".. Product #: LPR-EXISTENCE Regular price: $640.00 $640.00

Painting - Oil on Canvas


Price: $640.00

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Artist Statement:

Lisa R. Porfido-Ramos is a graduate of Paier College of Art, specializing in illustration. She has studied under Lou Bonamarte (watercolor) and is currently expanding her work with Al Razza (oils).

Lisa is an environmental advocate, organic gardener, Master Gardener (New England) and a graduate of the New York Botanical Gardens Landscape Design School. Lisa previously owned and operated Harmony Gardens, an organic gardening and design company in New Haven, CT.

After relocating to Florida in 2016, Lisa is continuing her commitment to the environment and also pursuing her passion for animal's rights by volunteering as a Turtle Ranger for Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, where she spends many hours at night on the beach helping hundreds of turtles reach the ocean ensuring the continued survival of vulnerable hatchlings.

Lisa recently exhibited her artwork, in the summer and fall of 2017 at the Broward Art Guild in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

"Many years ago, I wanted to help sea turtles, but living in Connecticut would require me to relocate and this was not possible at the time."

"In 2015, my husband's job required him to move to South Florida and while shopping one day, I picked up a free paper (New Times) and in it I read the complete history on an organization called S.T.O.P. (Sea Turtle Oversight Protection). I immediately signed my husband and I up to participate in a Turtle Trek... and after that experience I was hooked!"

"Richard and Zen Whitecloud are 100% dedicated to this need, they educate the public thoroughly during these Treks. The need is so great! Beaches in South Florida are the major breeding grounds for three severely endangered sea turtles and the human impact is growing every year, as is the danger of these wonderful animals forever being lost on this earth."